Surviving your first Christmas with your new baby

Now my children are a bit older I really do appreciate how over stressed I got when it was our first Christmas with our new baby.

Gradually getting organised definitely helped rather than waiting until right at the last minute. Easier said than done and this is definitely something I’m not really very good at doing! Shopping online is great if you know exactly what you want to get. Alternatively treat yourself to a shopping day where someone can look after your baby and you can get sometime to yourself. Maybe even get your nails done while you’re at it 😉

Do things your way. Sit down and decide how and what you want to do. If your baby naps/feeds at a set time don’t be afraid to work that into your day. You want to enjoy the time you have though so if it all goes to pot you can get back to normal soon enough.

Don’t feel pressurised into getting loads of presents. Set a budget and go with it or decide on one thing you think they will really get use out of. Extended family can go a bit overboard so you’ll have plenty of things to keep them occupied.

If you have family staying put them to good use. Babysitting or helping hands. They will love it and it gives you some time to chill and enjoy the festivities.

Above relax and raise a glass to the arrival and survival of your first months as a parent. Cheers to many more.

Tanya x

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