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We are often asked for advice on safe sleeping and baby monitors with sleep mats this is something we cover in all our workshops but we thought we would put a wee blog together with some pointers and helpful links.


Babies spend a lot of the first few weeks and months sleeping so it’s important to know how to make up cribs, cots and prams in the correct way.

– Always put your baby to sleep on their back unless a medical professional has advised otherwise for a medical reason. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is greatly reduced by placing your baby to sleep on their back. If a baby rolls onto their tummy turn them onto their back, once able to roll comfortably from back to front and front to back its ok to let them find their own comfortable position.

– Avoid smoking around your baby and never in the babies room, the guidelines state that if you are a smoker you should avoid co sleeping with your baby.

– Be aware of the temperature in the room your baby will be sleeping in, the suggested temperature is between 16-20 degrees c. Keep it at around 18 degrees over night.

– As well as being aware of the temperature in the room he aware of your babies temperature. If your baby is sweating or their tummy feels hot remove some layers. Do not worry if their hands or feet are cold, this is normal.

– Always use layers as it makes it easier and less disruptive for baby if you need to remove or add, remember a folded blanket counts as two layers.

– Never cover a babies head at night unless advised to do so for a medical reason. Babies lose excess heat through their heads.

– When out and about remove hats and extras layers when changing environments e.g. Coming indoors, travelling in a car or on public transport.

– Always place your baby in the feet to foot position. This means your babies feet are as far down the cot, crib, prams as they can go and then tuck blankets tightly under mattress at the bottom and sides. If baby is touching the bottom with his feet it means he can’t wriggle under covering his head/face.

There are a range of monitors available which offer lots of different functions for use when your baby moves into his or her room or is napping in a different room.

Things to look for you in your monitor

– Do your research on which monitors work best for your wall types not all will pick up a reception through certain walls and across a distance in a large house.

– Will you feel more reassured using a video monitor or one with a movement sensor?

– Some have a function where you can play white noise or lullabies from the parental unit

– If using a video monitor and you have more than one child look for one where you can use multiple cameras connected to one parent unit

– Make sure you set it up and know how it works before you bring baby home

– Research products available you may not want to use a movement mat in the crib/cot but still be looking for extra reassurance there are products like snuzahero which can fill this gap

As well as the above information The Lullaby Trust is a great source for safe sleeping.

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