Parent to be workshop – £200

Your pregnant, congratulations,  you have done your research for pregnancy and labour but what happens next? Baby Matters offers a practical, advice based antenatal workshop to prepare you for those first hours and weeks with a newborn in your life.

All the questions which are on the tip of your tongue no matter how big or small get answered, an opportunity to find out lots of information on bathtime, kit, feeding breast and bottle and practicing those all important nappy changes on a doll of course! Carried out in your own home for a more bespoke experience.

Bump, Baby and Beyond Antenatal Class – price available on request

Looking for an advice based, practical antenatal class? Look no further. Here at Baby Matters we appreciate how it feels to bring your baby home and suddenly feel very unprepared. So we have designed an antenatal class to prepare you for exactly what you might see from the moment your baby is born. It will keep you on the right track for those all important first few days and weeks.

We keep our groups small to allow everyone to benefit from the practical activities and allow sufficient time for all your questions to be answered. Our classes run over two weeks lasting two and a half hours each we then facilitate a reunion when all the babies have arrived giving everyone an opportunity to congratulate each other and ask a few questions.

Dads Matters – £60/Dad 

We often hear that most dads feel a bit nervous about being unprepared for the arrival of their baby. Understandably so! Much of the pregnancy experience is geared towards the mother and here at Baby Matters we believe that dads deserve just as much attention and support to enable them to feel confident enough to support their partners and care for their baby.

With that in mind, we have designed a unique dads only antenatal class. Dads Matters is an engaging workshop, held over two evenings, where we cover all the topics usually addressed in antenatal classes but with a Baby Matters twist.

We prepare dads to be hands on and you will learn, for example, what to expect your new baby to look like, how to hold, wind, dress and change your baby confidently, nappy changes, your role in feeding and many, many more important skills that will help you in your role of being a new dad.

Our classes are informative but we try to keep them fun, we know that in a relaxed environment our dads feel confident enough to ask those questions they may otherwise have held back, believe us – we’ve heard it all.

Following on from the workshops we offer an opportunity for our dads to come back together after their baby has arrived to share their experience with each other.