School Time!

Some of you are back to school and some are enjoying (or maybe tearing your hair out a bit!) the last few days of the summer break. We wanted to give you a few tips on how to make the transition to or back into school a bit easier. Remember even children who have already been at school for a few years, it’s still a big change into a new class with new teachers so they could have things on their mind just as much as the wee teenies going for the first time.

It’s ok to worry, we all do it, but it’s better to talk about it. We love these worry monsters. Children can write their worries down and the monster eats them up, it allows you an opportunity to discuss with them what’s on their mind.

Routine: Now more than ever it’s important to have a bedtime and morning routine in place. You don’t want the day to end or begin in an upset or stressful way for you or them, so get organised the night before and stick to the same plan in the morning. Visual aids to prompt changes in the day such as

Polaroid pics for littler ones work well. Eating dinner, having a bath, going to sleep, having breakfast, getting into uniform, leaving the house on time.

Homework: It’s hard to factor this in with clubs and siblings but get everyone involved and find fifteen mins where you can focus before they are too tired.

Give everyone small tasks to keep them engaged and make it a manageable and fun time.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring or arduous! Playing relevant games that promote learning is great fun for children, without it feeling like homework. We are loving snakes and ladders and monopoly just now.

Go easy on them, you will possibly have grumpy tired children for the next fe

w weeks but just try to remember how you feel going back to work after a holiday.

Main thing is have fun, be happy, positive and help them enjoy!!

Good luck everyonePolaroid routine

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