All The Pretty Things


I know it’s only November and Halloween is only just out the way but I have to say my thoughts just now are all about Christmas.

My favourite part of Christmas is shopping for the boys stockings and seeing their wee faces when they open all the wee bits and pieces from Santa, unfortunately this year that type of shopping has thrown me into a quandary of what is acceptable and what is not.

I want to be that mum that gets everything right, that supports my children to make the right decisions and choices and most importantly supports them through everything that they choose to do and be in life.

We were playing at a friends house today and she brought all her toy jewellery out in a pretty pink bag the boys eyes lit up and a wrestle ensued to see who could adorn the most pretty jewels first. I don’t mind what the boys play with or dress up in we have had dolls, buggies, kitchens and pink picnic baskets in our house in the same way we have had cars and garages but on the way home HTC asked if he could have some jewellery of his own like mummy’s, my initial response was of course why don’t we add it to your xmas list. Then I got to thinking is it ok to let him play with these things when owned by a girl but should I not overly encourage it by actually buying them for him but then he sees daddy wearing a green stone and a wedding ring so what’s the difference he is asking to wear jewellery that both his parents wear.

As a parent we question everything we do and sometimes see things in such a black and white way when there is a whole grey world out there. As a compromise I have found a little set of pirate bracelets and a skull and cross bone ring but I know I will never actively discourage either of them dressing up in pretty fancy dress dresses and their friends jewellery if that’s what they want to do. I’m also very lucky that my husband has never objected to the boys pushing buggies playing with dolls and expressing themselves in a way which makes them happy.

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