Mum holding cleaning stuff I’m on pregnancy no 3 and have never experienced nesting before but it’s taken over this time and I feel like a women possessed!

I thought it would involve wanting to get the room ready for baby and being organised in that department but no my whole house is getting an overhaul and my local charity shop is over the moon. Every cupboard, drawer and shelf has been emptied and ransacked, we have re done a bathroom got new carpets and now with six weeks to go I’m wondering if it’s possible to squeeze in a new kitchen!

So why do we nest instead of sitting with our feet up..

“According to researchers at McMaster University in Canada a 2013 study found that the urge to nest stems from an inbuilt need in a mum to ‘protect and prepare’ for her unborn baby.
The research concluded that for mums-to-be, having control over their environment is a key feature of preparing for preparing for childbirth”
That’s great that our bodies are so in tune that we instinctively want to protect our unborn child and prepare for childbirth but they could have picked something less exhausting!
To get you through this period we have come up with our top ten tips of survival..
1. Don’t take on unrealistic projects e.g. Renovations that won’t be finished in time for babies arrival as it will only stress you out
2. Try to channel your nesting instinct so it’s useful e.g. Cook lots of meals and fill your freezer
3. Don’t do anything you might regret if your clearing out don’t throw things unless your 100% sure you won’t miss it
4. Do try to fit in time to organise babies stuff when you still have the energy to do it
5. Don’t let it take over set realistic goals and time frames if your clearing out cupboards and you have two hours set an alarm for 90min so the last half hour you put your feet up with a cup of tea
6. Remember it’s only you that might get the nesting instinct so don’t put pressure on your partner to want big changes too it’s not worth arguing about at this stage
7. If you have older children get them involved but also don’t expect them to spend every spare minute helping you organise they don’t understand where this obsession is coming from
8. If your nesting involves extreme cleaning do read labels and don’t use products on oven or Windows that could be harmful
9. Don’t get so excited that you wash baby clothes and sheets too early and end up having to repeat before baby arrives!
10. If your cleaning the bathroom finish it with a nice relaxing candle lit bath
And if all else fails and you can’t ever relax at home book appointments that take you out e.g. Pregnancy massage, pedicure, coffees with friends!
Please share your funny nesting stories with us.

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