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Ali I’m Ali, owner of Lighter Parenting – a parenting consultancy. I started my business about a year ago and combine it with my day job as a nanny to twin boys.
My career as a nanny has been my focus for the last 14 years and this step into consultancy work seems like a natural progression. I love being able to use my years of experience to help families have more fun and an easier life with their kids.
Few of us now live in the tight-knit communities of yesteryear, where parenting advice is less a scientific study and more a case of observing those around you and joining in from a very young age. Families often live apart from the grandparents or perhaps feel that their own upbringing is not the model they want to use in raising their own kids.
Without this support network it is completely natural for parents to feel at a bit of a loss as to what the best approach is for their own children.
Lighter Parenting is my way of offering families my knowledge and experience without them having to trawl through thousands of Google entries or reading dozens of different parenting books.
I decided early on that I would need to offer a bespoke service. One that was tailor-made to each family, based on their values and lifestyles.
Luckily I’ve worked with a variety of different families, including those following different faiths, or cultures, or those with varying needs. Each family has its own unique way of living their lives, with different opinions, views and rules by which they wish to raise their kids. It was my job, as a nanny, to slot into these beliefs and adapt my own thinking to suit theirs.
I named my business Lighter Parenting as I believe parenting should be fun and as stress-free as possible. Of course there are stresses in life, especially when you have to think about your little ones, but the actual act of parenting should be more fun than not.
I also like the word ‘lighter’ because I want parents to take a lighter approach to their parenting – worry less and observe more. Children need freedom to make mistakes and take responsibility for these mistakes. Let your child learn that you can’t ‘hear’ whiny demands, or that if you lean over too far you may fall into the muddy puddle you’ve been admiring.
Whenever I tell people about Lighter Parenting they are surprised and interested. I get a great response, but it is such a new concept that people are often a little confused.
Support services such as my own are, for the most part, relatively new to our society. Baby Matters team are doing a job that is very traditional but with a modern spin and flexibilty– supporting new parents and helping babies to form good habits. But asking a professional for help with a tantruming 1 year old, or a 3 year old who is struggling with toilet training, is still a relatively unfamiliar concept. Of course there is Google and the books. But inviting someone into your home to offer advice on you and your family?
But is it actually so unusual, so odd an idea?
Some time ago I noticed my dog was getting a bit snarly with other dogs when he had his ball (this is called Resource Guarding and is incredibly common in dogs)
Despite having a wealth of dog-training knowledge under my belt I decided to seek out the help of a professional dog trainer. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t accidentally make the behaviour worse, or deal with it incorrectly, due to my being Woody’s owner and therefore not quite objective enough. I also knew that my own body language and behaviours may well be influencing his behaviour and this is not something I’d be able to observe easily.
And this is common enough. People regularly seek out help with their dog’s behaviour. But parents of young children? Not so much. Even though children are amazing at confusing, frustrating and exhausting us. Even though your body language may very well be doing the opposite to what you thought. Even though there are many different approaches you could be adopting that hadn’t occurred to you.
This could be because there are very few people who do what I do out there. But now Lighter Parenting is here to help.
Please feel free to find me on Facebook or on my shiny new website Lighter Parenting
Any enquires I receive with the quote “Baby Matters” will qualify for a 10% discount.

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