Hospital Bag Checklist

hospital bagAs your due day fast approaches, it’s time to think about what to take with you to hospital. We recommend having your bag packed from around 36 weeks and include items for both labour and your time on the post natal ward. Here is our guide to your labour essentials.


Blue notes

Birth plan plus extra copies (if you opt to have one)

Take all your favourite toiletries in small travel sizes, I was desperate to wash my hair after labour the last time round
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Lansinoh nipple ointment
Arnica tablets
Evian water spray
Dry shampoo

Comfortable loose yoga trousers
Comfortable loose tops suitable for breastfeeding (if you intend to)
Two pairs of pyjamas – think about the time of year and the fact that the hospital will be warm anyway
Dressing gown
Disposable pants/large comfortable pants
Nursing bras
Cosy socks
T-shirt or swimming top if going for a water birth
Stuff you don’t mind throwing away for during labour

Added Extras:
TENS machine (if you plan to use one)
If you want to use a birthing ball take your own
Handheld fan
Camera – plus extra battery
Food and snacks
Water/ Juice (stick some bottles of  made up diluting juice in the freezer and throw in your bag as you leave – that way you’ll have a nice cold drink even if you have a long labour!)
Pack of cards
Activity books
Phone charger
List of people to contact after baby arrives
Notebook and pen – you never know what you might need your partner to nip out and get

For Baby:
3x vests
3x sleep suits
Swaddling cloth (if you plan to use them)
Scratch mitts
Cotton hat (this should not be used for sleeping indoors at home)
Muslins lots of them
You can take your own baby blanket but the hospital will provide
Cotton wool pads
Sterilised dummy if you choose

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