Happy Mother’s Day?


Mothering Sunday is a day devoted to celebrating all of the amazing mother’s out there, and quite rightly so! Having just come through 3 days of a sickness bug with my own two children quite frankly I could use a day where I get to sleep in a little bit later, have my breakfast made for me and generally feel appreciated. It can be a tough gig being a mummy! Childbirth, feeding, sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, and all that worry. I’d never known worry anything like what I’ve experienced since having children – most of it completely unnecessary. I appreciate that this is all just part and parcel of being a parent. These are the things that those who are trying desperately to become parents would literally give their left arm for. It’s a good reminder to stop trying to be so perfect, appreciate what I have, and relax a little bit.

My own childhood wasn’t perfect. My mum was a single parent who worked in the care sector and her job required shift work. As a child I found this really difficult and I missed her so much when she was away for what felt like days at a time. As a woman now, I have the most enormous respect for my Mum. I think the example my mum set is what gave me the confidence to travel the world, and the self-belief to follow the dreams that eventually led me to Baby Matters. The fleeting moments where I think “why did I not get a job in a bank! So much more security!” I can hear my mum laughing. There was so much love.

My lovely mum passed away 4 years ago and truthfully the grief and loss is every bit as powerful and painful as it was the day she left. The first few Mother’s days after she was gone were of the worst days I can remember. I couldn’t find any place to feel joy. I avoided social media at all costs. I felt as though the world had been split into two: those who had mums, and those who didn’t. Those who understood, and those who didn’t. Thankfully over time this has eased and I can smile now at the lovely messages being read aloud on Radio 2 as I write this. Every so often I have to switch it off.

I spend my days (and nights) supporting new mums and it really is the best job in the world. There has been so much healing for me and a lot of it has come through helping women at their most vulnerable time. I know my mum would be so proud of that.

Whatever you are doing this not so sunny Mother’s day, we would like to wish you a very happy and well deserved day of thanks! Women are amazing. We mother each other all the time without even realising it. We nurture, we support, and we care. That’s worth a day of eating chocolate and running bubble baths!

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