Adjusting like Clockwork


The countdown is on to the official start of UK winter, wrap up warm and follow our top tips for a smooth transition when the clocks go back this Sunday at 2am and don’t forget to clock back in in the spring as you can use these guidelines for them going forward too…

Think ahead – don’t wait till the day the clocks change before you decide which approach to take.

A few days before, so for this change start today, alter your baby’s routine, including meals, naps and bedtime.

We would suggest 10 minutes each day so it’s a gradual undisruptive change.

If you start your day at a set time you should also adjust this by 10 minutes earlier/later depending on clocks going forward or back.

If your baby/child’s bedroom is particularly light try using a black out blind to help keep them settled.

Don’t disrupt the overall routine as this will only unsettle yourself and baby so small adjustments are all that’s needed.

If you do find you have an unsettled baby/child don’t worry it’s only going to take a few days of you implementing your normal routine at the new time and you will all adjust accordingly.

For some the change doesn’t affect them at all, if you have a baby/child who enjoys a long lie anyway you will sail through the time change without making any adjustments.

Good luck and as always we are here to help.

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