15 Things To Do In Your Last Month Of Pregnancy


With one of our own entering the final stages of the baby race we thought we would share our top tips for enjoying your final month of pregnancy.

1. Get ready, ideally you don’t want to be caught short so if your planning a hospital birth pack your bag now or if you have opted to stay at home have a trial run at setting up your birth pool.

2. Book in for some pampering get a nice pedicure or a pregnancy massage now is the time to treat yourself when your probably tired and uncomfortable.

3. Indulge in some retail therapy buy your baby a special outfit for coming home or the first visitors.

4. Go on as many dates as you can it may be a while before you feel like going out again so indulge in some time with your partner while you can.

5. Have a movie day we all have those movies we have been ,earning to watch and never got round to it’s going to be your last chance to watch a movie from beginning to end with your only interruption being a toilet stop so schedule a day on the couch on your own or even better with your partner.

6. Make sure you have comfortable clothes your bump doesn’t go overnight but you may not feel like continuing to wear mat clothes I lived in yoga pants as they were comfortable on my section scar and washed well!

7. Sort out your music wether at home or hospital it’s good to have things to listen to during labour.

8. Make sure your camera battery is charged and you have enough storage space on your phone for photos.

9. Set your new gadgets up make sure you know how the car seat fits, how to put your pram up, get your mosses basket cot or crib out and double check your monitor.

10. Stock your freezer up wether you have time to cook yourself or opt for using one of the many home cooked fill your freezer companies now is the time to get sorted you don’t want to be eating take out every night or worse surviving on toast because you have no time to cook!

11. Wash the first bits and pieces baby needs so blankets, sheets, a few basic clothes and lots of muslins.

12. Take long luxurious baths or go for a swim it’s nice to feel light for half n hour.

13. Try to do a small bit of activity every day so a short walk or as above a swim but take time to rest as well.

14. Compile a list of people you want to call or message after you have the baby it makes it easier than trying to remember everyone.

15. Organise help you may have booked a maternity nurse so keep them in the loop or you may have family lined up to help its good to confirm that they have booked the time off you are expecting so you are sufficiently covered.

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