“Baby Matters instilled confidence in my abilities, guiding and supporting me through the whole process and giving me effective strategies to use to help my baby sleep better…Baby Matters are very easy to get along with and show exemplary dedication to the job, showing commitment and care…to make sure we are alright. I trust them implicitly and have total faith in their ability and judgment in any situation”

Mum of two, Edinburgh

“Baby Matters immediately made us feel at ease and their knowledge and experience shone through…So easy to have around and we always felt comfortable having Baby Matters in our house…we can’t speak highly enough of Baby Matters”

Family of five

“Baby Matters came to us when we were at our wits end with exhaustion. As soon as Baby Matters arrived we were all able to calm down…Baby Matters are always available to offer advice and encouragement and we couldn’t have got through the last 11 months without them. I would recommend Baby Matters to anyone who needs support, help or a friend to listen”

Frustrated first time parents

“As a first time mum everyone from family to friends is full of advice and it can be a minefield. However, Baby Matters was the best sounding block I could have had…they are really great…and it was the best decision I ever made as a new mum!”

Mum of one,  Edinburgh

“From the moment Baby Matters arrived it was like having your best friend who you haven’t seen in years arriving. Exceptionally professional, calming, knowledgeable and so easy to have in our home”

Relieved parents of one 

“Where to start about Baby Matters! They are an absolute life saver and I’d highly recommend their dedication, expertise and genuine care for their babies and their parents…Baby Matters are real experts on all things baby – breast feeding, weaning, travelling with a baby, teething, you name it!…I only wish I’d known Baby Matters earlier, we could have saved ourselves a lot of heartache with their expertise and care”

First time Dad

“Baby Matters worked with us following the birth of our twin boys…and with my older son, who at the time was only 19 months old…Baby Matters was a delight to have around, easy going, helpful, and quite clearly loved working with children. I would have no hesitation using Baby Matters in the future”

Very busy parents

“Baby Matters provided two really important services to us: acting as a ‘Safe Pair of Hands’ to look after our 4 week old son when I needed a break; and acting as a source of knowledge and advice on babies and childcare…Baby Matters was always friendly and tactful and never overbearing of interfering; they always put my son first but were also sensitive to how I was coping as a new mum…Employing Baby Matters was one of the best decisions we made”

First time parents

“When my son and daughter-in-law needed the support and services of a maternity nurse…a call to Baby Matters gave me the opportunity to share with them their needs…I had the pleasure of visiting on a day Baby Matters was working with them. I observed their gentle, quiet, loving interaction with my grandson…and their gentle words of encouragement supporting my daughter-in-law into her new role as a mother was sensitive yet informative”

Supportive mother in law

“It has been just wonderful having Baby Matters…Baby Matters care enormously about your baby and even during the day when they are not at your home they will be thinking about your baby and always have suggestions on what else to do…they have a very good sense of what one might need and want, and so immediately adapts to make life easier for you”

Baby Matters returned for second baby

“When we came to Baby Matters we were at the end of our tether…and I didn’t know where to start in unravelling the mess that had become our daily lives!…Well here we are at week 14 and we have a different baby! So…we wanted to say thank you so much for all your support and advice. You have been an integral part in helping the three of us bond and find our way as a new family and we truly could not have done it without you. You have definitely saved me from the brink of insanity and the turnaround has been wonderful for me as well as for my husband and son. I know enjoy being a mother…!”

First time mum

“Within minutes of arriving at my home Baby Matters had suggested adjustments to my son’s routine which almost immediately resulted in a more contented baby…Baby Matters help and advice has allowed my family to really enjoy my son’s first 6 months and I feel exceptionally lucky to have had their support during those months”

Mum of two

“Baby Matters helped me deal with my first baby…while I was unwell and recovering from a C Section. Baby Matters did a remarkable job looking after my son, enabling me to recover. Their care and attention and also very importantly their advice to a new mother was first class”

Recovering mum

“Baby Matters established a nighttime routine for our son…and in addition…helped me with much appreciated guidance and advice to help me with my son’s daytime routine and general newborn care…Baby Matters has a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of maternity care and are extremely friendly and a pleasure to have around. I don’t know how we would have managed without Baby Matters.”

Grateful mum 

“Baby Matters came to our rescue a few weeks ago. We have a chaotic 4 generation household and the twins were up 6-7 times a night so their mum was run ragged. As the Granny I was wheeled in during the day to help out so she could catch up on her sleep…Baby Matters very confidently and calmly came…and all the steps they took and the recommendations they made were great – hallelujah it all worked! The babies now sleep through the night and we have a happy household”

Grandmother in a 4 generation household

“Baby Matters worked for us following the birth of our triplets…Baby Matters looked after the babies several nights a week. We always slept very well the nights they were there, knowing that the babies were in very safe and capable hands!…Baby Matters always took the time to have proper handovers at the beginning and end of the shift…as was often followed up with further emails during the day…Baby Matters was s source of experience at the start of our journey into parenthood!”

Parents of triplets

“Thank you Baby Matters for coming, late at night, being able to answer my questions, reassure us, giving gentle advice only where needed and steering us in the right direction. You got us through some really tough nights and gave us back our sanity so we can enjoy this special time…that is invaluable”

First time mum

“Since having my baby, not such a baby anymore, baby matters have always been an amazing help. From early days feeding routines to more recent problems with his sleeping pattern Baby Matters have always been there over the other side of the screen to help. Just a few weeks ago i needed  advice with his sleeping routine because he was waking up in the middle of the night and i didn’t know why. It is amazing how with a couple of changes we have all gone back to a healthy sleeping routine- so easy when you know what you are doing!! Thank you Baby Matters no doubt i will be skyping you soon!!”

First time mum, Spain  

More detailed testimonials and CV’s  available on request.