Sleep deprivation

We all love sleep.  So much so that when we tell people we are pregnant, straight after congrats they say… get ready for sleepless nights. Our babies are born and we then attend classes where the conversation just about always falls to “is your baby sleeping?”

Those first weeks are a killer, there is no denying, we are adjusting to life with a newborn, recovering from labour, wondering in general what it’s all about and we are not getting the minimum requirement of 8 hours a night…..what the hell!?  It’s sleep deprivation, which is truly a form of torture and we are struggling.

No two nights are the same, then you get more than 3 hours straight and feel like a new person, think you’ve cracked it and conclude ‘it can only get better from here’, You have a blissful day of being that perfect parent, baby has been sufficiently played with, the house is tidy, you eat dinner at a normal time sitting at the table with your partner, not taking it in turns to ‘shoogle’ the baby, you head to bed feeling good and just as your drifting into that blissful deep sleep, boom baby’s awake and it’s only been two hours!!!

Once you are through the craziness of having a newborn and you have found your parenting style, be it routine led or baby led, you are in your groove, you might still be getting little more than 3-4 hours sleep a night but you’re used to it and you’re coping. You have adjusted to this new way of living life, bouncing from one sleep deprived day to the next and then you wake up one day and think s*** it’s only 2 months till I go back to work, I can’t do this, I can’t function on this amount of sleep, I’ll never string a sentence together, seal that deal, fight that case-I can’t even win the wriggly baby on the changing table battle….NO something has to change.

BM - Tired in the morning
Don’t worry it can and will, you are one of the many families we work with who has a ‘sleep thief’ in their house and we can change that.

It could be your first baby or indeed your fifth, they are all different and we are here to help.  We offer a range of sleep thief packages to suit your needs and budget and we can work with you to come up with a bespoke solution.

Put this particular form of torture to bed and start enjoying your days again. Don’t wait another night to give us a call and get you on track.

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