Life with a newborn can be the most magical and wonderful time. It can also be the scariest, loneliest, and most difficult time. Many families feel they would like some kind of support from  “the experts”.  But where to start?

“We paid all this money for a cot/ moses basket/ sleepyhead/ hammock/ co sleeper- why won’t my baby sleep anywhere but my chest!?”

“Is it normal for my baby to cry so much?”

“I’ve heard you can’t have a routine with a baby until they are 3 months or older, is this true?”

“How do we get our baby into a gentle routine so that we start with good habits from the offset?”

The truth is, in our experience, most of these ‘problems’ can be avoided by having someone available to you in the early days to support, guide and teach you how to read your baby and respond in a gentle way. Your baby is not a robot, and no book, website, or internet forum is going to give you the definitive answer you need for your individual situation. Your Baby Matters consultant will.

Baby Matters offers individually tailored support to suit your needs. Please call us to discuss our recommendations for how you would best benefit from our services. We can do any combination of support with you depending on your situation and budget. During this time you will have the benefit of asking all those new parent questions and getting up to date advice on as your baby begins to move to the next  stages of development and routine

We recommend booking your time with Baby Matters during pregnancy, but it’s not essential – we always do our best to accommodate families who realise they need some help after their baby has arrived.

Whether it’s a single birth, multiple birth, teaching your little one to fall asleep independently, the need for a little bit of time as a couple, support through postnatal depression or perhaps one of the myriad of new and confusing situations we as parents encounter every single day(!) Baby Matters offers care, consultancy and maternity nurse support with the utmost discretion for families no matter what your age or stage.

Preparation for Newborn

Booked anytime during pregnancy or within the first month after your baby’s due date, it’s the perfect way to prepare you for all the things you really need to know about caring for your newborn. We will come to your home or arrange a Skype / telephone call during which we will cover the following areas:

  • Breast / bottle-feeding depending on your preference or perhaps even a bit of both if you’re still undecided.
  • Kit – What do you actually need to buy? Which are the best products? Is that luxury item REALLY worth the money?
  • What to expect from your newborn – most people prepare endlessly for their birth and think that when their baby arrives the rest will be the easy part. You’re right! IF you know what to expect.
  • How to establish a routine (the basics) – Routine isn’t a word to be scared of. We offer baby and family centered practical advice for getting started on a schedule to give you confidence and time for yourself.
  • Baby Care – how to top and tail, change a nappy, bath your baby and all the rest!
  • Safe Sleeping – up to date advice on safe sleeping practices.
  • Infant resuscitation – How to give first aid to a baby who has stopped breathing or is choking.


Sleep Shaping Consultation

We are huge advocates of starting out on the right footing, setting healthy habits around sleep from the very beginning. But what if your baby is barely here and little sleep problems are already starting to arise?

Baby won’t nap during the day? Baby will only nap on you? You cannot get your baby settled in their own bed in the evening? Baby wakes frequently during the night and despite being fed / comforted – they just will not sleep!?

Our Sleep Shaping consultation is perfect for these kinds of scenarios. We are not promising to have your baby sleeping through the night, however, by implementing gentle techniques and setting manageable goals to improve aspects of your baby’s sleep we can shape your 24 hour routine meaning significantly more rest for everyone.

  • We will arrange a telephone / Skype consultation lasting up to 1 hour, during which your baby’s sleep pattern is discussed in detail, identifying problem areas and outlining the methods we would suggest to address the issues.
  • You will be given a tailored 24 hour plan developed specifically for your baby, your family and your particular problem.
  • Following the consultation you will receive a written summary of what was covered in the consultation and an action plan for resolving your baby’s sleep issues.
  • The day following your consultation we will be on hand to answer text messages to support you as you implement your new schedule.
  • 5 emails or Whatsapp messages over the remainder of the week of your package
  • A final 30 minute phone call at the end of the week to wrap up


*Additional charges apply for in person consultations.

Breast to Bottle

Breast fed babies often develop a preference to only be fed via the breast and refuse to accept a bottle. If you are having difficulty introducing a bottle to your baby, or wish to stop breastfeeding completely we can help you introduce a bottle to your little one.

Your Baby Matters consultant will come to your home and over 2/3 feeds will will teach our baby how to drink from a bottle.

We have a 100% success rate in getting babies to accept a bottle where they previously have refused.

*This service is only available to babies under 7 months of age.


Reflux / Allergies

While we would always refer you to your medical professional for identification and treatment of Reflux and Allergies, Baby Matters have consulted with countless families to help them identify if Allergies and Reflux are present and help guide them toward a holistic / manageable plan to care for their baby during this time. Included in this service is an initial sleep assessment whereby we discuss and implement strategies to support you to manage your baby’s sleep needs while they are being impacted by underlying factors.


*Additional charges apply for in person support.

Maternity Nurse / Night Nurse

Booked in advance or after your baby arrives, your Baby Matters Maternity Nurse offers one to one care in your own home. This service is tailor-made to each individual family and situation this can be one night, several weeks or even months.

  • Your own Baby Matters consultant to ask the millions of questions you have with a newborn
  • Advice tailor-made to your situation
  • A chance to recuperate or a chance to learn
  • You will be left with a daily plan to follow
  • Guidance on putting good habits in place from the beginning
  • A minimum 8hr shift offering flexibility to suit your needs and budget

From £25/hr

*Additional charges apply for multiples