NO DAIRY OR EGGS…what’s left?!


I was over the moon when I was handed my perfect little bundle and told we had a baby boy. The next few weeks we lived in our lovely bubble of new baby joy – family and friends visiting us, time together as a family, night feeds – all made worth while when I saw his little happy face in the mornings … Until something changed …

Suddenly my contented little boy changed to a screaming, unsettled, sicky, pooing machine, not just any poo, BRIGHT GREEN, stringy poo to be exact! He cried for hours until he filled another nappy with green sludge and then it would be time to feed again. Within a few hours of feeding the blood curdling screams would start again!

It was horrific, where had my happy contented newborn baby gone? I felt that I couldn’t leave the house. Everyone loved to pass comment such as “oh is your mummy starving you son” or they would give me that “don’t you know what to do with him” look. I’d gone from being quite confident in what I was doing to a nervous wreck thinking everyone thought I was an awful mum that couldn’t settle her baby. Bearing in mind that’s what I do for other people I felt like a complete failure!

No matter where we were he would scream, in the car, at friends’ houses ALL the way round the supermarket. I couldn’t wait for my husband to walk in the door at night to help and I hated relying on him to that extent … this is my role after all, why couldn’t I settle my own baby?

It wasn’t until I called my close friend (a fellow Norlander) in floods of tears for probably about the third time that day and she suggested he may have a milk allergy….why hadn’t I thought of that? Of course that was the problem, unsettled, very sicky, green stringy poo. I’d been so stressed about doing it all wrong I hadn’t even thought out of the box!!

This was later confirmed by our consultant at hospital and I was so relieved to finally realise I could hopefully help my baby be more comfortable and happy. This was just the start, I was breast feeding and I had to cut all dairy out of my own diet so my son wasn’t getting any in his. I thought this would be awful as anyone who knows me knows my love for cheese and chocolate but as soon as I noticed a difference in his comfort it was all worth while. After quite a while, 6 weeks or so, he wasn’t as sick after feeding and his poos were never green, yahoo. We did now we had a new problem – he was covered in Eczema.

When I had to remove dairy from my diet I had upped my intake of eggs. Egg on toast for breakfast or omelet for lunch etc. We had an appointment with our dietician and she suggested we cut eggs out of our diets now too. I can honestly say I was devastated but of course if it helped my son I was going to do it, again this took a few weeks to come out of our systems but sure enough we then saw some great results, his skin started to clear along with a good moisturising routine we had been given from dermatology and finally we had a much happier baby – and mummy. He settled to sleep well at night and was finally in a great routine throughout the day.

It was, however, a very long first year. Despite these massive improvements he had a few ups and downs but on the whole he was so much better and then he turned 1. I felt like this was a big milestone because our consultant hoped he would have grown out of his allergies and so my husband and I were keen to try him on the milk ladder i.e. a very slow introduction of dairy products. Sadly he failed this at step one and my hopes of him getting to have what I felt was a “normal” diet were shattered. Luckily he really wasn’t bothered because to him his diet was normal he wasn’t missing out.

He recently had his second birthday and I really hoped he would be able to tolerate some dairy or egg products but he still isn’t quite ready. We managed to get through a few more steps on the milk ladder but then we had a big setback so we are back to his normal no dairy, no eggs diet. We are so lucky now though as there are so many amazing substitutes on the market that he really doesn’t miss out. The amazing cake for his birthday was made by


Despite all his troubles, he is a very happy and healthy 2 year old and I am a much happier mummy.




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