Nearest and dearest at Christmas…

nearest-and-dearestChristmas is fast approaching and if your anything like me you will have thought about the children in your life but your nearest and dearest adult may have been forgotten. Don’t worry, here is the easiest but always most appreciated gift idea!!!

Ask each child what they would like to do or give the parent in question. I had a big chat with HTC this morning and his ideas for me where a bath, breakfast in bed and a Christmas movie. I love this and literally could not think of a better present than 30 minutes uninterrupted in a bath and a long lie with breakfast in bed.

I had the same chat with AMC and he would like us to get another baby Emily. As lovely as that would be, it’s not on my Christmas list this year!!

So wrap up each little note and give that gift throughout the day. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

…Bath, Breakfast in bed, Cooked dinner, Long lie, Movie night, Time to go to the gym or for a run, Hanging the pictures which have been sitting about for the last year.



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