Must haves…

E must havesYou would think by no 3 I would have everything I need and there wouldn’t be any gadget or product I couldn’t live without but no I have managed to find a whole range of things that have made life easier and left me wishing I had them for one and two as well.

So I thought I would share a few with you.

1/ Tripp trapp Newborn Seat This little gadget has given Emi an opportunity to get away from her big brothers smothering her in love, hugs and kisses all the time and means she can already sit at the table with us, it’s also been fab for weaning.

2/ Video Monitor I have really enjoyed being able to see her without running up and down the stairs every five minutes although the stairs may have been a better option for busting the post baby tummy bulge!

3/ Snuza Hero J will be able to tell you how annoying I am when we have tiny babies for waking him up throughout the night to check they are breathing so this bad boy has meant he can get a full nights sleep and I have the confidence to sleep soundly too

4/ Sock Ons Yes they have been around a while but the boys never kicked there socks off E is a different kettle of fish I think we lost three socks in one day so then I reached for sock ons and we have been sorted!

5/ This one is a bit random but I love it, Harry and Alfie both loved their Sophie giraffes but we went through 5 between them as they were constantly losing/leaving them places so this time I have one Sophie and one Sophie Harness meaning she is permanently with us but attached so always coming home with us too!

Let us know your must have items we love to try out new things! Xx

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