Maternity Nurse


We are often asked what exactly we do as Maternity Nurses, so we thought we’d debunk some myths and help you get to the bottom of some of the things we do to help the families we work with…

Maternity Nurses, Night Nurses, Baby Whisperers… we don’t mind what you call us as long as we provide the support you need. We work with families supporting them to nurture happy, content babies and become calm, confident, well informed parents.

So, whether it’s a clients’ first child or fifth; whether they have a single newborn, multiples, whether they are open about having additional support or prefer complete discretion, we are here to support and empower them.

We help prepare expectant parents for the special moment when they first hold their newborn or newborns in their arms (unfortunately they don’t come with a manual, eek!); through feeding, changing, sleeping, routines, night times, Post Natal Depression, weaning, dummy detox, and much, much more… we work tirelessly to find a solution for any problem.

Because we are professionally qualified and highly experienced nothing phases us – and if we do recommend additional professional or medical support we know who to contact and can make introductions on our clients’ behalf whilst continuing to help them care for their children.

We treat every baby, every child and every family individually – no two are alike; and so we carefully tailor our support to ensure we deliver bespoke plans and solutions for each and every family.

How we work
So, let’s start at the beginning… the majority of our bookings start with clients asking us to come and help them during the night and this often progresses to us helping them with the daytimes too.

So, if we are working nights, we arrive at your home in the evening at a mutually convenient time and from that moment on you can start to relax, knowing your baby is in safe hands. While we are with you, you can be involved with us as much or as little as you would prefer.

Feeding choices
Regardless of your feeding choice we will help. If you are breastfeeding we will wind, do a nappy change if necessary and then resettle your baby to sleep so that you can go back to sleep yourself. You may chose to leave us with expressed breast milk or with formula so that you don’t need to be disturbed and can therefore enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Before we leave in the morning we provide you with detailed feedback of our night with your baby and advice on how best to tackle the day ahead. We encourage you to keep a list of questions as they arise so whenever we return we can talk them through with you, suggest solutions and continue to support you even when we are not in your home.

We leave you equipped with skills to deal with different situations: so, for example, as your baby grows and gains weight they may not need a feed every time they wake so we will teach you skills to successfully resettle them appropriate to their age and needs.

No matter the reason you ask us into your home, no scenario is beyond us, however big or small they seem to you and no question too silly – we are there to support you.

Some families just need a one hour consultation, some want us to work with them during the day, or during the night or for a full 24 hours. Some clients book us while they are pregnant, for others it’s an unexpected necessity after baby arrives.

However we work with families they are all supported in complete confidence. We listen to parents’ wishes and work together to come up with suitable individual care plans to meet the babies and the family’s needs.