To Know or Not To Know

Baby Girl


We recently welcomed our third baby into the family and this time things have been a little different.

First time round 4 years ago neither my husband or I wanted to know the sex of the baby, second time round hubby did I didn’t so my body my choice we didn’t find out, this time J was desperate to find out and I still didn’t want to know.

Is it right that only one of us gets our own way?

In this case I decided it wasn’t so when we went for our 20 week scan we took an envelope for the sonographer to write the sex in which we would open later that day together. Baby Carpenter had other ideas it was not for showing the relevant bits so the secret stayed hidden.

Over the next few weeks the conversation came up several times as people asked if we knew what we were having so three days before Christmas I decided to sneak off for a private scan. It did feel strange seeing baby in such detail without Jonathan but I really wanted to do this for him. The sonographer told me to close my eyes at the relevant points and she then wrote in an envelope the sex and sealed it.

Not once did I feel any temptation to look but I did have fun wrapping it. There was a clue on each layer as to what was in the box and the final wrapper was half pink half blue I think there were 5 layers total.

I decided to give it to him on Christmas Eve as it wouldn’t have been fair on the boys to watch him open it and not understand what was inside.

It was a huge success and one of the best Christmas presents I have ever given. In total it took him an hour and a half to open as once he realised he would know and I wouldn’t, the last layer said “shhhh my mummy doesn’t want to know what I am” he got cold feet but he finally went all the way and didn’t give away a thing!!

For us this was totally the right way to do things we both got what we wanted and Jonathan felt more of a bond with my bump and I still got it wrong on the day of delivery!

The 3 of them



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