All good things come to an end….



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I read other blogs and Facebook posts etc, I knew it would happen, I didn’t know when. What has struck me is that I genuinely don’t know when it came to an end.

AMC ran into the kitchen the other day squealing “cannonball” and jumped into my arms for a cuddle, he hung about on my hip for a while before sliding down and getting back to the business of playing. I looked up and noticed HTC at the table drawing and realised I had done that with him for the last time and I didn’t know when the last time had been but I knew if he ran through like that now he would be too big for me to throw up and carry about.

It choked me in a way I couldn’t imagine because in that second I knew these things were coming and going on a daily basis but it wasn’t a monumental memory like all the firsts are, the ‘last times’ pass you by and don’t make the memory bank.

I grabbed him and squeezed him and annoyed him but laughed through my teary eyes.  I know he will always be available to squeeze and curl up on the couch with and there will be many more firsts and lasts but maybe now I will be a bit more conscious of treasuring the daily things and treating every day like the last to store in my memory bank.

Hopefully one day his children will run into the house and cannonball their granny bringing back fond memories of their daddy doing it to his mummy!!


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