First Day at School

schoolFor many of our mums, their baby’s first day at school is fast approaching. It’s a whole new chapter in their little lives and so, with tissues at the ready, we’ve come up with some ideas to make the transition a little bit easier.

Warm Up Gently. In the week before term starts – and the first few weekends after it does –  arrange a few play dates with children who will be in the same class as yours. Your child may be moving up with some friends from nursery, but it’s good to have a mix of old and new faces coming to play.

Read All About It. There are some good books to read to introduce your tot to the idea of school. Our favourite is Topsy and Tim Start School – they even have a website where you can play games and spend a day with them at school! Usborne Books also do a sticker book which introduces lots of areas of your child’s day to them and allows you to discuss…

Hit the Shops. Take your child with you when you go shopping for uniform and stationery – as tempting as it is to go alone and just get it done, it’s a nice thing to do together let your child have an input on anything they can help make a decision on.

Chat. Over the next few weeks, talk to your wee one and be very positive about school – cover things they may do/are doing and allow them to ask any questions they may have. And always refer to their new teacher by name so they feel familiar from day one. Encourage your wee one to have some stories to tell their teacher – things they have done in the holidays or anything that is important to them. It helps them feel secure knowing the teacher is interested in them.

AND REMEMBER…. hide the tears until your child is safely inside but don’t worry you won’t be the only one in need of a Kleenex!


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