Do children need toys?

toys 2Have you ever looked at the toys and games you have in your house and really thought about who they are for? I was sorting out the boys stuff the other day and came across things which I have definitely played with more than them. And so, it got me thinking about what they actually play with and if they need all their toys…or can they make use of what’s in the house.

If AMC is in charge of picking bath toys he chooses an old baby bottle, a syringe and a cup all household items. His favourite game just now is role play – making tea and coffee and bringing biscuits to ‘dip dip.’ We do have a little tea set but he is also happy just to use stuff from the kitchen.

We have a lovely wooden musical instrument set which both boys absolutely love to play with and I love the fact it’s wooden, but they do add upside down pots and wooden spoons to it when they have friends over. And, at the moment the two of them are really into dressing up. They have a lion and fireman outfit along with a few other bits, and some of my old scarfs, old slippers and other bits and pieces from the bottom of the wardrobe.

In the garden it continues. We have some really cool toys: a wee kitchen, a football goal and a sandpit. They will spend hours in the garden regardless of the weather so we do have a lot out there to entertain them. They also have an old flower bed which no longer has anything in it but that’s there for them to dig, move mud, water and just generally make a mess in followed by a hose down and bath! They toys 1love both, equally.

HTC asked us to get the paddling pool out the other day. We actually don’t have one but an old baby bath did the trick and two hours later they were still playing in them. Another favourite pastime is baking and helping to make the dinner. I think this is great as hopefully they will just grow up being boys who cook as that’s what they have always done.

And so, when I stopped and looked at what they enjoyed playing with, I realised they were thrilled with their toys but they also loved using their imagination to create their own games…and using household items as props. Children’s ‘toys’ are everywhere in every home, we don’t need to spend a fortune in shops to entertain our little ones – from pots and pans, spoons and cups, we have the ultimate free playground under our own roof.


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