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Great Little Bake Off

      What am I going to do without #GBBO tonight? It’s sad but true that this little programming gem has lit up my Tuesday evenings these past few weeks. Even my Step Dad got into it. It seems I am not alone in being seduced by the sweet scent of icing sugar! In Read more


themummyyears are back…

Sorry for the radio silence folks!.. Many of you have noticed that we’ve been absent from your in boxes of late and have been asking why? Well, the primary reason is that for the blog to grow we needed to sort out a whole host of technical issues (zzzzzzzzzzzzz……………), so we thought it best to Read more


Boys Rock…Part 3

  Thankyou to one of our uber-stylish followers who sent in a tip for our ‘Boys Rock’ shopathon…her baby boy always looks stylish and now we know her secret: Cyrillus ( This Parisian brand (need we say more?!) offers chic, classic pieces in beautiful fabrics. The best bit? As well as doing clothes for boys Read more


And Breathe…

This week themummyyears is relying on Karvol’s Vaporiser ( to get some sleep. When ACM gets a cold it goes straight to his chest which makes for sleepless nights all round as he wheezes and snuffles away. Thank goodness then for this plug-in which releases a congestion-fighting mix of pine, cinnamon and menthol into the air.. Read more


Boys Rock – Part 2

As my quest for cool togs for baby boys continued, one of my best friends introduced me to – or P.O.P. Comfort is queen for this cool Swedish kiddies clothing brand (when is anything from Scandinavia not cool?), but although their clothes are simple, somehow no-one does their signature stripe quite like them… JK Read more


Boys Rock – Part 1

When I had ACM, a friend – and mum of two boys – wrote in the card she sent me ‘boys rock’. She was right, they do, but boys fashion sections on the highstreet? Not so much. Thus began my determined search to find fun, funky boys clothes… Here’s the story so far: NEXT online Read more


Bamboozled by Formula Brands?

READER QUESTION: @themummyyears ‘Am totally confused re all the different companies making formula milk. Do you know the differences?’ ‏@sharmig Thanks for your tweet  @sharmig  – that is a tough question, but in a nutshell, Aptamil is always my first recommendation as it is also recommended in the maternity hospitals. The following link provides all the chemical facts behind Read more