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Surviving your first Christmas with your new baby

Now my children are a bit older I really do appreciate how over stressed I got when it was our first Christmas with our new baby. Gradually getting organised definitely helped rather than waiting until right at the last minute. Easier said than done and this is definitely something I’m not really very good at Read more


We’re making a list…

The Christmas train has firmly left the station and as we hurtle towards the big day we thought we’d offer a little insight into the toys our Baby Matters consultants rate the most for christmas 2017   Sarah Carpenter is first up recommending Magic Sand. It’s great for fine motor and sensory play and the Read more


Cabin Fever

Is anyone desperate for some fresh air after Christmas and New Year?  We definitely had a bit of cabin fever so at the end of last week, despite it being wet and cold, we decided it was time to get active again and put on our waterproofs and took the new bikes and scooters to Read more


Yummy Mummy

I have an amazing shoe collection there’s even a stunning pair of Loubitons in there but three children in I can’t remember the last time they got taken for a spin, now instead of asking for a new pair at Christmas I found myself asking for a bigger wardrobe to house them! When did I Read more


All good things come to an end….

                    I read other blogs and Facebook posts etc, I knew it would happen, I didn’t know when. What has struck me is that I genuinely don’t know when it came to an end. AMC ran into the kitchen the other day squealing “cannonball” and jumped Read more


Nearest and dearest at Christmas…

Christmas is fast approaching and if your anything like me you will have thought about the children in your life but your nearest and dearest adult may have been forgotten. Don’t worry, here is the easiest but always most appreciated gift idea!!! Ask each child what they would like to do or give the parent Read more


Thoroughly Modern Maternity Nurse

    Jamie and Jools Oliver made the headlines recently when they proudly announced that having had their fifth child they, (wait for it!) GASP, hired in the help of a night nanny due to 5 weeks of sleep deprivation. This revelation sparked some controversy, a whole lot of media coverage, and it got us Read more


Must haves…

You would think by no 3 I would have everything I need and there wouldn’t be any gadget or product I couldn’t live without but no I have managed to find a whole range of things that have made life easier and left me wishing I had them for one and two as well. So Read more


Home Birth Part 2 – Top Tips

I hope you enjoyed reading my home birth diary last week. If you like the idea of a home birth, but you’re not quite sure if it’s for you or not, here are my top tips and hints to help you along with your decision. Get informed – There is an overwhelming amount of information Read more