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Keep It In The Bag by Stella and Dot

I’m well passed the changing bag stage with two now toilet trained boys but we were recently sent a new changing bag to take for a whirl. Keep It In The Bag from Stella and Dot certainly has a few features which would come in very handy! It’s really spacious but, unlike some bags, also Read more


Lessons Learnt

Edinburgh PR, writer and mother of one Sarah Howden reveals the lessons learnt with her first baby…and why second time around she is doing things very differently! Hindsight is a great thing and if I could do things differently, my correct list would be endless. You see, when I was pregnant with my first child, Read more


Baby Proofing The Home

How time flies. It will undoubtedly feel like it was only yesterday you were carrying your little one in your tummy, keeping him or her safe. Now, baby is here – and just about to be on the move. It’s time to baby proof. When you first see your little one ready to try and Read more



Many of you have probably seen the heartbreaking Youtube video doing the rounds on social media of a little boy saying goodbye to his pet goldfish who sadly died. The adorable tot kisses his friend and says his farewells before sobbing to his mum. It’s hard to watch, however all children will experience bereavement at Read more


Two Under Two

With the Royal baby about to make an appearance any time now we thought we would share some of our highs and lows of having two under two… I’ll never forget the sound of HTC happily singing “Afie” as he walked into the maternity ward to see his baby brother for the first time. It Read more


It’s Just a Teenage Phase

Sandra Dick, top Edinburgh journalist and mother of two, reveals the trials and tribulations of having two boys who are fast becoming men. One day you’re up to your armpits in nappies and Fireman Sam, next you’re arguing with a slammed door over Xboxes, staying up too late and homework. The leap from gorgeous gurgling baby Read more


Homework Hell

So here we are, back to school and most parents are probably dreading the arguments about homework, so here are my tips to stop all that homework hell! At the start of the term ask your child how they are going to handle their homework and study plan and what support if any they need Read more