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Do you put your child on a lead?

Now that HTC & ACM are walking, the more we can leave the buggy at home the better. Seen as the boys are happy being on their feet we’re encouraging them to walk – and are teaching them the safety side of things whilst we’re at it. Last week, I picked up a Littlelife Toddler Read more


Toddler Calendar

I’ve signed up to get monthly updates from baby e-bible What To Expect UK on ACM’s development. I don’t always have time to read them, but with an opening line that reads ‘Who knew such a tiny person could have such a big stubborn streak?’ – not only did I have to read on, but I had to Read more


The Water Boy

A lot of people ask me what the best beakers are to use through the different stages… There is no hard and fast rule, but now the boys are 16 months we want them to be able to drink from a variety of different vessels – including a cup with a straw – so, about Read more


Work-Baby Balance

I like being back at work. There I said it. I like putting my heels on and walking into the office with a handbag over my shoulder. I like the peace-perfect-peace of being able to focus on my computer screen and get on with the job at hand. I like using my creative energy again. Read more


Preparing for no.2!

So, with August fast approaching, we are upping the chat about baby in front of HTC and including him as much as possible. He will only be 18 months when ‘thumper’ arrives so has no real understanding of a new baby coming. We have, however, put a few things in place to try and make Read more


Postnatal depression – action

Following on from Monday’s post on how to spot postnatal depression, themummyyears’ expert Helen Cook suggests what to do if you think you might have it. ‘Women often feel ashamed or embarrassed, and hide their symptoms from others,’ she explains. ‘ The earlier you recognise that you have post-natal depression the better, as there are steps you Read more


Postnatal Depression – the signs

Postnatal depression is a distressing condition experienced by at least one in ten women after they have a baby.  themummyyears felt it was an important topic to cover on the blog, so over the next few weeks will bring you the facts of the matter so you can find out more. This week, Helen Cook Read more


Tidy Up Time

A question I get asked all the time is ‘when will my children tidy up after themselves?’ My answer: ‘when you teach them!’  Tidy up time starts when you start playing with toys… When it comes to putting them away, make it a game not a chore. Some people even like to sing a wee Read more


Toy Town

Looking for a perfect present for a one year-old or just to boost your own arsenal of toys? It’s always difficult to know what’s going to be worth it, but ACM and his friends have some firm favourites at the moment so these will be sure-fire hits: Usborne Busy Car (Usborne Pull-back Books) – a book Read more


Nursery Know-How

Choosing a nursery can be an angst-ridden thing, but it’s a decision many parents need to make. Here’s our advice on what to ask and what to look for: WHAT TO ASK: Opening Times and Costs Will you have enough time to get from work to pick your child up? Is there a charge if Read more