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Two Under Two

With the Royal baby about to make an appearance any time now we thought we would share some of our highs and lows of having two under two… I’ll never forget the sound of HTC happily singing “Afie” as he walked into the maternity ward to see his baby brother for the first time. It Read more


It’s Freezing…

So we have a bit of a Frozen obsession going on in our house. I can’t say I’m disappointed as I’m quite enjoying it myself, but it throws up the question: how much is too much TV and screen time? Prior to the discovery of Frozen, if we were in the house screen time was Read more


The Great Debate……Again!

Well here we are again with breast feeding mummies making hot news, stories of stores asking people to nurse in the rain, others making mums feel so uncomfortable they leave anyway, cafés with no nursing policies, extended breast feeding right or wrong, the list goes on. And the question still stands WHY! Why can’t people Read more


Are We There Yet….

So, as most of you will know, we have just returned from a trip to New Zealand to visit family and friends. A few followers have asked how we survived the 32 hours it took to get from Glasgow to Auckland so we thought we would share it with all of you. 1. I over-prepared Read more