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Sleep deprivation

We all love sleep.  So much so that when we tell people we are pregnant, straight after congrats they say… get ready for sleepless nights. Our babies are born and we then attend classes where the conversation just about always falls to “is your baby sleeping?” Those first weeks are a killer, there is no denying, Read more


Must haves…

You would think by no 3 I would have everything I need and there wouldn’t be any gadget or product I couldn’t live without but no I have managed to find a whole range of things that have made life easier and left me wishing I had them for one and two as well. So Read more


To Know or Not To Know

  We recently welcomed our third baby into the family and this time things have been a little different. First time round 4 years ago neither my husband or I wanted to know the sex of the baby, second time round hubby did I didn’t so my body my choice we didn’t find out, this Read more


Sleep Tight

We are often asked for advice on safe sleeping and baby monitors with sleep mats this is something we cover in all our workshops but we thought we would put a wee blog together with some pointers and helpful links. Babies spend a lot of the first few weeks and months sleeping so it’s important Read more


Becoming a new mum can be hard!

Becoming a mum is what I always wanted and I feel very lucky to have four lovely children. But, the truth is, it’s hard! The first few weeks and months can be lonely as you adjust to your new life with your baby. Becoming a mother is a major transition in your life as new Read more


Witching Hour

  While attending a yoga class recently I overheard a soon to be mummy describing a strange phenomenon to another member of the class. She was referring to her friend who had recently had a baby and for some unknown reason, said baby who is for the most part happy and settled throughout the day, Read more