Supporting a family with triplets

Single-handedly supporting a family with triplets


Baby Matters was recommended to an expectant mum of triplets. The babies were born 10 weeks premature and while they remained in hospital we regularly kept in touch with the family to find out how each baby was progressing.

When the triplets came home Baby Matters created flexible individual plans for each baby taking into account their needs as individuals as well as the support required for the parents. These plans changed and developed as each baby grew and progressed.

Initially the family booked us for 10 weeks of night time support to feed each baby every three hours so that mum and dad could get a good night’s sleep of their own. As the babies gained weight and got a little bit older the feeds stretched to every four hours.

Eventually nights became more settled into a routine and the babies slept well and after the initial 10 weeks Baby Matters continued to work with the family during the day to lend an extra pair of hands.

So yes, Baby Matters can care for triplets single-handedly. It’s a juggle and we have to be extremely organised but it really can be done!