How to help baby sleep through the night

Helping baby sleep through the night and Mum and Dad get back their evenings


Baby Matters was asked to help a first time family whose six week old daughter was sleeping in her moses basket in the living room in the evening and then on either Mum or Dad once they had gone to bed. This meant that one or either of the parents was always awake with their daughter and no one was getting a decent night’s sleep. As a result Mum and Dad were spending no time alone together. What the family really wanted was for their daughter to go to sleep herself in her moses basket in the bedroom at night so they could reclaim their evenings.

We visited the family to discuss their daughter’s routines and her needs at this young age, as well as talk about safe sleeping and ultimately how to reach their goal of some undisturbed grown up time together in the evenings. The consultations were timed such that we could sit down and talk to the parents and then do baby’s bedtime together.

It was really important for both parents to buy into the routine we created for the family and once this had been achieved, we implemented the new bedtime routine together over a 3 night period. Both Mum and Dad gained in confidence as we helped them with bath time, feeding and a new winding technique – a technique that meant once their daughter was going to bed she wasn’t hungry and was therefore more content. This along with swaddling her correctly meant she was happy to be put down in her moses basket, where she happily fell asleep by herself…and on the first night slept straight through for 6 hours.

We complimented this new night time routine with a day time one that enabled the baby to feed successfully and efficiently. This now meant that within a 24 hour period her daughter was getting all the feeds she needed and Mum was able to plan ahead for days out and activities with friends and family. Result? A much happier more contented baby and one happy confident Mum!