Helping a busy young family with newborn

Helping a Mum and Dad third time round juggle a busy family life and the arrival of a newborn


Baby Matters was asked to help a busy family of four with their third child. Mum and Dad were very organised and booked us to help them when Mum was only 16 weeks pregnant, as she had had a tricky pregnancy so far and was booked in for a planned C-Section. The family knew they were going to need an extra pair of hands once the baby came along and asked us to help 3 nights a week.

Third time round, life was busy but fun and we were able to support Mum and Dad from the second week of their little girl’s birth – we did the older children’s school run, allowing Mum to spend time with the baby; we helped with nights so Mum and Dad could get some rest – initially 3 nights a week but we were asked to increase this to 5 or 6 a week depending on the family’s schedule each week; we also spent time with baby during the day to allow Mum and Dad to spend time with their older children too.

By the time we left this family the baby was 10 weeks old and she was sleeping through the night – and their family life continued to be busy but fun!