Helping a mum with breastfeeding

Helping a second time mum to successfully breastfeed


Baby Matters was asked to help a pregnant mum learn how to successfully breastfeed her second child. She had tried with her first baby but after 2 weeks of insufficient support with breastfeeding, had given up.

So while she was still pregnant we met her to talk about her experience first time round and tips for successful breastfeeding; and also to reassure her that breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone and not to feel bad if she opted for formula feeding again.

When mum came home from hospital we were with her at home and were able to successfully assist with positioning for both mum and baby and help baby to latch on correctly. We also talked about good practices for increasing milk supply.

For the first couple of weeks we met with the mum every couple of days to help build her confidence and reassure her we were on hand to help with any struggles or questions she may have. We then moved to helping at night to give mum a rest and help establish a routine that suited the family.

As a result mum successfully breastfed for six months after which time she felt ready to stop.