Antenatal class for a family with twins

Round the clock care for twins needing help with feeding


Baby Matters was asked to provide a private Baby Natal antenatal class to a first time family expecting twins; and then once the twins girls were 3 weeks old their parents booked a consultation with Baby Matters along with one night a week of Maternity Nursing.

Both girls had reflux and one twin had a low birth weight so the priorities were to ensure the smaller twin particularly was feeding enough as well as giving Mum and Dad the opportunity to rest, knowing their girls were in safe hands.

After a few nights the parents asked us to help with days as well – no problem, as between us Baby Matters is uniquely placed to be able to provide round the clock support to our families, communicating efficiently and effectively between ourselves and with the twins’ parents.

And not only have we met the initial needs of this family, we have been able to provide support and advice on routines for the girls, sleep support, support during the diagnosis of the twins’ reflux, a listening ear to help ease the stress of ever changing medication for such small babies and advice on finding the correct bottle and feeding schedule to suit both girls as individuals.