I’m on pregnancy no 3 and have never experienced nesting before but it’s taken over this time and I feel like a women possessed! I thought it would involve wanting to get the room ready for baby and being organised in that department but no my whole house is getting an overhaul and my local Read more


Lighter Parenting

I’m Ali, owner of Lighter Parenting – a parenting consultancy. I started my business about a year ago and combine it with my day job as a nanny to twin boys. My career as a nanny has been my focus for the last 14 years and this step into consultancy work seems like a natural Read more


15 Things To Do In Your Last Month Of Pregnancy

With one of our own entering the final stages of the baby race we thought we would share our top tips for enjoying your final month of pregnancy. 1. Get ready, ideally you don’t want to be caught short so if your planning a hospital birth pack your bag now or if you have opted Read more


All The Pretty Things

I know it’s only November and Halloween is only just out the way but I have to say my thoughts just now are all about Christmas. My favourite part of Christmas is shopping for the boys stockings and seeing their wee faces when they open all the wee bits and pieces from Santa, unfortunately this Read more


Sleep Tight

We are often asked for advice on safe sleeping and baby monitors with sleep mats this is something we cover in all our workshops but we thought we would put a wee blog together with some pointers and helpful links. Babies spend a lot of the first few weeks and months sleeping so it’s important Read more


Becoming a new mum can be hard!

Becoming a mum is what I always wanted and I feel very lucky to have four lovely children. But, the truth is, it’s hard! The first few weeks and months can be lonely as you adjust to your new life with your baby. Becoming a mother is a major transition in your life as new Read more


Witching Hour

  While attending a yoga class recently I overheard a soon to be mummy describing a strange phenomenon to another member of the class. She was referring to her friend who had recently had a baby and for some unknown reason, said baby who is for the most part happy and settled throughout the day, Read more


Hospital Bag Checklist

As your due day fast approaches, it’s time to think about what to take with you to hospital. We recommend having your bag packed from around 36 weeks and include items for both labour and your time on the post natal ward. Here is our guide to your labour essentials. Paperwork: Blue notes Birth plan Read more