Baby Matters at Babies and Bumps Cafe

11217802_801212379977525_7279229019828731698_n (1)It’s been a week of announcements for Baby Matters and we thought we’d leave our most exciting news for last. We are absolutely delighted to announce that Baby Matters has a new home and we will be working exclusively with the fantastic Babies and Bumps Café newly opened in Edinburgh. We will be offering a range of our services in house including a weekly weigh in clinic, private consultation service and a wide range of our workshops and antenatal classes. A full timetable of our services will be posted and updated regularly. Stay tuned to see more over the coming months. We would like to take this opportunity to invite our Baby Matters mummies and daddies to visit us at Babies and Bumps over the coming weeks with their bumps or their babies.61258_367811299980046_2038866133_n

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