About us

“I cannot praise Baby Matters highly enough! I was an over wrought, absolutely exhausted single mother with a seven month old baby…I was introduced to Baby Matters and they performed miracles with consultancy and a couple of nights respite…within three nights my son was sleeping 11 hours straight through…Finding Baby Matters saved my sanity – thank you so very much”

Tired single mum, Edinburgh

Founded in 2005, Baby Matters is the leading provider of maternity services in Edinburgh and the Lothians offering care, consultancy and maternity nurse support delivered by a small team of highly qualified, caring practitioners. The Baby Matters team consists of dedicated, professional maternity nurses, all with extensive experience of providing maternity nurse services across the UK and around the world.

Baby Matters was born from the recognition that every new parent needs support at some time – perhaps your new-born is having trouble feeding, perhaps your toddler keeps you up in the night, perhaps you just feel isolated with no extended family nearby.  Baby Matters’ informal, friendly approach will put you at ease and within days your whole family will feel the benefit of engaging a Baby Matters expert.

Sarah CarpenterHi, I’m Sarah, the founder of Baby Matters. From an early age I wanted to work in childcare and when I left school was fortunate enough to gain a place at the prestigious Norland College from where I graduated with Distinction in 1999.

The training at Norland is very much based on practical placements and one of my first placements was in the “baby room” where I began learning how to care for the tiniest of babies.  Within a couple of weeks I knew this was where my heart lay and throughout the rest of my training, which included dealing with children up to eight years old, my favourites were always the babies.  During my first year I was placed in the “children’s hotel” where young children were cared for by Norland Nannie’s in training.  I enjoyed four weeks of looking after a very young baby and I learned then how to cope with the responsibility of caring for an infant along with how to cope with very little sleep!

Since completing my Probationary Year in London, where I had sole care of a baby boy from three weeks old, I have worked with many other families and babies both in the UK and abroad and I also have three children of my own.  I have built on my Norland experience with almost twenty years of “hands on” experience in real life situations.  I have worked with numerous new-borns, several sets of twins and many anxious new parents.  I pride myself on being able to provide support on diverse issues covering premature births, breastfeeding, lack of sleep, post-natal depression etc.

Sarah MurphyHi, I’m the other Sarah and co-owner at Baby Matters, I earned my stripes training as a Paediatric Nurse at the renowned Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh before embarking on a career as a maternity nurse.  My areas of expertise are breastfeeding, maternity nursing for premature and low birth weight babies, caring for multiples and developing baby centred routines.  I have travelled extensively all over the world working as a maternity nurse and recently returned to Scotland after holding a senior management position at an exclusive maternity facility in London where my main role was the training and development of junior staff.  I am expecting my first baby later this year and can now understand first-hand the experience of being a new mum.

Hello, I’m Stacy and I am a qualified dedicated and caring childcare professional with over sixteen years’ practical experience of caring for children of all ages in various settings (including newborn, premature and multiple babies). The wishes and feelings of the new parents along with the well being of the child is my primary focus. As a mum of three children of my own, I understand first-hand how difficult the first few weeks can be after baby arrives and I strive to pass on as much practical advice as I can to ensure everyone settles into their new routine as smoothly as possible.

I have supported families with a range of different needs as a consultant for BabyMatters such as PND, allergies and reflux, sleep related issues, breast and bottle feeding, and general developmental guidance with weaning/toilet training etc

Hello, I’m Hollie and I am also a qualified Norland Nurse. I have a very caring nature and I love working with children and families. I have worked with children of all ages including newborns, multiples and also with a child with additional needs. I am always cheerful and I love to encourage children to use their imaginations by playing games together, singing and creating stories. I have 2 children of my own and so I also understand the pressures of parenthood in the early days and weeks. My approach is to offer routines that work well for the family unit, always being respectful foremost of the parents preferences.

I have supported families who have needed guidance and support with sleep issues, reflux/allergies and PND. I look forward to helping many more families!

JanieHello, I’m Janie.  I also attended the prestigious Norland College and am a dedicated, caring and conscientious Norland Nurse with over ten years’ experience of caring for new-born, premature and multiple babies whilst also caring for elder siblings of varying ages in various settings.   I form professional relationships with the families I work with treating them with respect and aligning my experience with their expectations.  I am always careful to consider the parents’ wishes and whole heartedly embrace the Baby Matters ethos. 

As a mum of two young children I recognise the pressures of being a new parent and also understand first-hand how difficult the first few weeks can be.  I treat everyone involved with the care of the child with respect and affection whilst passing on as much advice as I can to ensure everyone settles into their new routine.  

Collectively the Baby Matters team has over 70 years’ experience caring for children from birth and beyond.  Highly qualified and specialising in evidence-based practice, we work as a team combining our knowledge and complementing each other to work to the same elite standards. Supportive, discreet and professional, our ethos is to provide the highest possible standard of care for every family.   Our areas of expertise cover breast, bottle and tube feeding,  reflux management, premature births, multiple births, tongue tie, allergies and postnatal depression –  taking parents from bump to baby and beyond.

We also devise and facilitate a wide range of antenatal and new-born workshops, such as routines, sleep hygiene, weaning, and don’t forget the Dads!  For a comprehensive view of the services we offer please see Our Services.

Baby Matters is very proud to be an active member of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee working in partnership with The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to improve Maternity Services for women.

The Baby Matters team are all qualified paediatric first aiders, hold PVG disclosures and have Public Liability insurance.  Full references and CVs are available on request.