Yummy Mummy

I have an amazing shoe collection there’s even a stunning pair of Loubitons in there but three children in I can’t remember the last time they got taken for a spin, now instead of asking for a new pair at Christmas I found myself asking for a bigger wardrobe to house them!

When did I go from wearing heels to being practical?! Well actually I can pretty much name the date because I put the stunning loubiitons on when I was 9 weeks pregnant with HTC and suffered vertigo, yes I know totally ridiculous but true.

So from that moment on there has been a shift in my wardrobe don’t get me wrong there have been weddings and nights out even the odd christening when a pair of heels has crept out from the depths of the small wardrobe but generally now it’s flat boots, vans and wellies that make up my go to shoe box.

The other day I did crack out the heels for a fun photo shoot and Rachel(Beautiful Bairns) and I got chatting about the “mummy wardrobe” I am definitely guilty of being a “slummy mummy” rather than a “yummy mummy” and actually after a brief discussion we realised it doesn’t take much to turn things around so my New Years resolution is to keep it simple but effective-but please don’t judge me because I know the slummy mummy will definitely creep out occasionally, often!!

Here’s Julie Gillespie stylist for Stella and Dot’s top tips for transforming your wardrobe-

1. Accessorise-a simple white t shirt can be turned around with a chunky necklace.

2. Skinny jeans, heels and a blazer can take you from nursery drop off to a ladies lunch.

3. Babies pull on necklaces so don’t be afraid to make your scarf your key piece and dress around that.

4. Don’t forget your ears this season the big earrings and ear climbers are being seen everywhere.

5. You can look stunning anytime of the day mummy or not so don’t be put off being adventurous every now and again and remember earrings and a nice bracelet can dress up when the slummiest hoodie!!


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